'John Carter,' based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel 'A Princess of Mars,' is set to hit theaters in March. There's going to be a new trailer on Thursday, but, to hold you over, there's also a new poster which is... not a lot different than other movie posters that have "Mars" in the title. I mean, it's red because Mars is the Red Planet. And 'Red Planet' was the name of a 2000 Val Kilmer film that came out only eight months after a movie called 'Mission to Mars' -- which also has a red poster.
Since the new 'John Carter' poster isn't very interesting on it's own, it is kind of fun to imagine that John Carter is walking, ever so stoically, over to Val Kilmer -- casting that elongated shadow as a result of the blazing hot sun in the background. What will happen when they meet? Will Kilmer chomp his teeth -- a la Tom "Iceman" Kasansky -- at John Carter? Will John Carter respond, "Hey, Val, my movie is going to make a lot more than the paltry $33 million your movie made worldwide." Well, we'll find out on Thursday! Until then, here's your new poster.

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