What was an offer has become a deal: 'Hugo' star Asa Butterfield has officially signed on to star in the big-screen adaptation of 'Ender's Game' for Summit Entertainment. Wrote the youngster on Twitter about the news, "Oh yes. I'm really doing it. F*** YEAAA!!!"
Due March 15, 2013 -- roughly one year after 'The Hunger Games' -- 'Ender's Game' focuses on a young gamer who gets recruited by the government to fight off an alien race because of his gifted natural abilities of strategy. Gavin Hood ('X-Men Origins: Wolverine') will direct 'Game,' which is based on Orson Scott Card's beloved 1985 book.

In addition to Butterfield, some other names could be coming aboard soon. Like maybe Harrison Ford. The least influential star is reportedly being discussed to play Colonel Hyrum Graff, "the Commander of Training for the International Fleet, an elite boys' military academy." Viggo Mortensen was sought for the role, but no deal could be reached.

When Butterfield was asked about 'Ender's Game' during his 'Hugo' press obligations, he lit up like a candle. "It's very exciting," he told Moviefone. "I love the book. I've been doing a lot of serious films, it'll be good to do something relaxing and great fun, which 'Ender's Game' is."

[via Variety]

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