Everyone's been buzzing about the two upcoming 'Snow White' flicks on the horizon, 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Mirror, Mirror,' excitedly debating details like who will make the best heroine (Kristen Stewart or Lily Collins!) or the most dashing Prince Charming (Armie Hammer or Chris Hemsworth!) My favorite discussions, though, revolve around who will make the most deliciously evil queen: Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron.
Both actresses bring distinctive qualities to the table. Charlize excels at being downright terrifying, as evidenced by her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in 'Monster.' Julia, on the other hand, is a whole 'nother kind of frightening: her cutting remarks and disdainful glares could reduce any young girl to tears in the blink of an eye.


My money's on Charlize in 'Snow White and the Huntsman.' Based on the "first look" photos of each of the queens, Charlize comes across as much more bad-ass. Her face says 'I'll cut you, bi**h. I'll kill you in your sleep!' Julia's face in 'Mirror, Mirror,' on the other hand, skews more towards the judge-y mother side. Instead of murderous thoughts, she looks like she's thinking, 'Go ahead, fatty. Have another tiny cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off. Mwhahahahaha! You disgust me.'

That said, I think both Julia and Charlize are excellent choices to play evil queens -- they'll each make their own distinctive marks in the evil fairy tale villainess hall of fame.

[Photo: Universal Pictures]

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