What is it with the 'John Carter' marketing campaign and killer rock songs? The first teaser used Arcade Fire's "My Body is a Cage" to hauntingly great effect, making what initially seemed like another 'Prince of Persia' into something with gravitas (and Tim Riggins Taylor Kitsch shirtless). Now, the full trailer comes along and throws a variation of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" in your face (or perhaps "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy; uh-huh, yeah) as a way to amp up the wall-to-wall action presented. Spoiler: it works, even if 'John Carter' still looks like an amalgam of 'Prince of Persia,' 'Return of the Jedi,' 'Avatar,' 'Wild Wild West' and 'Braveheart.' Freeeeeedommmmmmmmm ... for martians.
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