It might not mean the end of Nicolas Cage's money woes, but having an extra $2 million has gotta help. A copy of Action Comics No. 1 -- featuring the first appearance of Superman -- that reportedly belongs to the actor sold for a record-setting $2.16 million in an online auction. Cage, a well-known comics collector, bought his copy for $150,000 in 1997; it was stolen from his home in 2000 and later recovered from an abandoned storage locker.
Approximately 100 copies of Action Comics No. 1 still exist, but only five are thought to be in near-mint condition, as was Cage's. A less well-preserved copy of Action Comics No. 1 sold for a then-record $1.5 million in March 2010.

On January 21, 2000, Cage noticed that his Action Comics No. 1, along with copies of Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics No. 27 and Marvel Mystery No. 71, were missing. The Marvel Mystery was found a few months later but the Batman comic was never recovered.

In a story straight out of 'Storage Wars,' Cage's copy of Action Comics No. 1 was discovered in an abandoned San Fernando Valley storage locker in April 2011.

At the time, Cage's publicist called the recovery "divine providence." The actor had already received an insurance payment for the comic but presumably reached a settlement to have the comic returned.

Stephen Fishler, CEO of Comicconnect, which hosted the online auction, would not confirm that this is the same comic that once belonged to Cage and reps for the actor haven't commented either. But with valuable copies of such a famous comic being so scarce, comic experts seem to think it has to be Cage's.

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