One of the best surprises of 2011: that hilarious red-band trailer for '21 Jump Street,' which made the halls of Moviefone HQ echo with guttural laughter. Who knew what seemed like such a cynical nostalgia grab could be so funny? Well, probably Jonah Hill since he wrote the script. In a new interview with Moviefone sister site AOL TV, Hill admits that he understands the trepidation some might feel toward the new film, because he'd feel the same way.
"[I]t was never my intention to remake anything," Hill told AOL TV. "If it wasn't me, I'd probably be talking sh-t about me for remaking 'Jump Street.' But I loved the idea that it's totally different -- it's not '80s, it's not spoof, it's just the idea of two young-looking cops going back to high school. I'm willing to do anything if it's good, but I'm not looking to re-make more stuff."

Hill, who can be seen in animated form this Sunday during the season finale of 'Allen Gregory,' also discussed how Channing Tatum came to be his co-star in '21 Jump Street.' "I completely chose Channing and I called him up myself and offered him the part."

Check out the full interview over at AOL TV.

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21 Jump Street
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Two cops working under cover at a high school must confront their teenage issues all over again. Read More

May 31, 2016
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