Between Uggie from 'The Artist' -- a pet who already has an underground awards campaign going for him -- and Cosmo from 'Beginners,' film dogs are all the rage this year. Yet despite the high praise for both of those movies, not all canines star in critically acclaimed projects (looking at you, golden retriever from 'Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch'). Thankfully, directors no longer need to worry about which types of pooches make for the best films -- and possibly could help them win an Oscar. Vulture has just put together a list of the dog breeds that guarantee the best movies, using the average Rotten Tomatoes score of each film in consideration.
Coming in at No. 1 with a score of 74.8 ... the Jack Russell Terrier, which was used in films such as 'The Mask,' 'My Dog Skip' and the aforementioned Oscar-y twosome of 'The Artist' and 'Beginners.' Pugs, who have starred in 'Men in Black' and 'Hotel for Dogs,' come in at No. 2 with 72.33. Unique breeds, such as Dalamatians and Corgis, are at No. 3, with 69.4

You can check out the entire list over on Vulture. However, a word of advice to filmmakers: Stay away from the German Shepherd, whose 47 is good enough for No. 10.

Of course, there are plenty of animals who should have gotten Academy love in past, which is why we've put together a list of 10 Animals Who Deserved Oscars (dogs included).


[via Vulture]

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