David Fincher probably won't be listening to 'Dancing Queen' anytime soon. In this month's issue of Wired, the director revealed an ABBA-related problem that arose while filming 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.' During the first few days of production, Fincher was shooting a murder scene alongside a dock, but due to poor lighting, he never got the shot he wanted; with the movie's tight production schedule, it would be months before he could return. However, things got even more complicated the second time around, thanks to a musician from a certain Swedish rock band.
When Fincher began planning the reshoot, he learned that the property had been sold to one of the guys in ABBA. Apparently, the new owner -- either Benny or Björn, it's not really clear -- wasn't thrilled at the prospect of having his evening stroll interrupted by a simulated drowning, and he refused to let the crew come back.
But fear not 'Tattoo' fans: Fincher ended up building his own Swedish dock in a Los Angeles soundstage. Although replicating the Northern European countryside in a Hollywood backlot seems far-fetched, it sounds like Fincher did it justice. According to Wired, it was covered in "mossy rocks, foliage-fat trees, and -- perched high above the docks, turtlenecking out of the woods -- a squat, deceptively cozy faux cottage."

Fincher goes on to discuss the making of 'Dragon Tattoo' along with actress Rooney Mara's already-buzzed-about performance. You can read the entire profile over on Wired.

'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' opens December 23, presumably without an ABBA song playing over the credits.

[via Wired]

[Photo: AP]

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