Can you sit through a two-hour movie without looking at your cell phone? Of course not! You have to check your email or tweet about the movie you're seeing (side note: Please follow Moviefone on Twitter) or play Angry Birds. Thankfully, some cinemas have found a way for viewers to do this without getting kicked out. According to a USA Today article, "a growing number of theaters and performing groups across the country are setting aside 'tweet seats,' in-house seats for patrons to live-tweet during performances."
What this means is that you're now allowed to bug the crap out of your neighbor at a movie without any negative repercussions. The reasoning behind this decision appears to be promotional -- more people tweeting about the event, during the event, will eventually translate into ticket sales. Of course, that thinking won't work for everyone. As Patricia O'Kelly, a Kennedy Center spokeswoman, said, "We make a pre-performance announcement asking patrons to turn off their ... cellphones in order to keep the light and sound from distracting other patrons." The one silver lining from this (unless, of course, you're part of the group that wants to tweet during a movie) is that these tweet seats will be located in the back row.

But, wait a minute: if the tweeters are in the back row, they could be tweeting something negative about you without your knowledge. You can't allow that! You're going to have to take a stand. You have to express yourself. But, well ... doing that would contradict the feeling you have toward tweet seats. Maybe you should take to Twitter to see what other people think, then make a decision?

[via A.V Club and USA Today]

[Photo: AP]

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