That was fast. Less than 48 hours after it was revealed that Benicio Del Toro was out as the main villain in 'Star Trek 2,' Variety reports that J.J. Abrams has turned his focus on Edgar Ramirez. The 'Carlos' star may or may not play Khan in the 'Trek' sequel, due in May of 2013.
Per Variety, Ramirez is the new frontrunner, with Jordi Molla ('Bad Boys 2,' 'Blow') in the mix as well. The 34-year-old actor will reportedly test for the role over Skype (technology!) and a decision could be made by Abrams as soon as the weekend.

Despite the fact that Khan Noonien Singh was not Hispanic in the 'Star Trek' universe
, the villain is forever connected to Mexican-born actor Ricardo Montalban. Ramirez (who was born in Venezuela) and Molla (who was born in Spain) lead one to believe that the rumors and rumblings of Khan being the 'Star Trek' villain are true.

Either way -- developing! Stay tuned to see what happens with this one.

[via Variety]

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