Katherine Heigl is starting to flex her power muscles. Variety reports that the actress is closing in on a deal to produce and star in 'The Follower,' a thriller written by 'Chaos' directer/screenwriter Tony Giglio (he also wrote 'Death Race 2' and 'Death Race 3'). There are currently no plot details, but considering Giglio's previous work he's almost guaranteed to throw a car or two in the story.
In addition to 'The Follower,' Heigl has had producer credits on a few of her films, including 2009's 'The Ugly Truth' and 2010's 'Life as We Know It.' She will also produce and star in the upcoming 'One for the Money,' based on the Janet Evanovich book.

Heigl can be seen next in the star-studded 'New Year's Eve,' opening this weekend.

[via Variety]

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