The lawsuit against Angelina Jolie's 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' won't delay the film's scheduled Dec. 23 release. The man suing Jolie, James Braddock, has withdrawn his motion for a temporary restraining order after FilmDistrict, the company distributing the film, persuaded the judge that the motion was "defective." Braddock claims that Jolie stole the idea for her Bosian War film, which she wrote, from his book, 'A Soul Shattering.'
U.S. District Judge Robert Dow, Jr. said in a hearing last week in Illinois that there were "valid concerns" about the timing of the lawsuit. The judge noted that Braddock hadn't yet shown that "immediate and irreparable harm would result" from the film's release. Braddock voluntarily withdrew his motion, allowing the movie to be released as planned.

The case is being heard in an Illinois court, although several parties are based in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as California. The judge has indicated that may move the case to a federal court in California, which would probably make it easier for Jolie and the film's producers to fight, according to THR.

Jolie, for the record, has denied having read Braddock's book and says that she took her inspiration for the film from other accounts of the war. As for the lawsuit, she told the LA Times, "It's par for the course. It happens on almost every film."

[via THR]

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In The Land Of Blood And Honey
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A Serb's relationship with a Bosnian woman grows darker in the face of war. Read More

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