When Tom Cruise agrees to do a movie, the dude DOES the movie. As in: he brings excessive amounts of energy and talent to all things related to the production, both on camera off. Cruise even enjoys doing most of his own stunts -- something you already witnessed if you saw the trailer for 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' and the scene where Cruise's Ethan Hunt runs down the side of the Burj Khalifi, the tallest building in the world. The couch-jumping star didn't limit his work on 'MI4' to simply death-defying heights -- he also was on hand for some driving stunts that were dangerous enough for his co-star Paula Patton to fear for her life. Sorta.
In an interview with Vanity Fair writer Brett Berk for Stick Shift -- a car column that runs online every Monday -- Patton discussed how she didn't get to do much stunt driving on 'Ghost Protocol,' because Cruise was literally at the wheel.

"I've got to tell you, besides being an incredible actor, he's also a great stuntman," Patton said. "I mean, this man can drive a car! There were moments when we'd have to stop within, literally, a foot of the camera, and he'd be going at it full speed, and I'd be in the car going [inhales sharply and holds breath]. I'd think, He won't kill me. There's no way Tom Cruise can kill me, right? I mean, isn't that like a safety net? Tom Cruise is driving? My heart was in my stomach, but he always came through. He was always right on the spot."

Good thing! You can see Cruise driving cars and running away from explosions when 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' hits IMAX theaters on Friday; a full theatrical release follows next week.

[via VF.com]

[Photo: AP]

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
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After the IMF is shut down, Ethan Hunt and his team must clear the organization of wrongdoing. Read More

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