A few weeks back, Daniel Day-Lewis was snapped at dinner with a graying beard. People assumed that this would be how he would look for his role as President Abraham Lincoln in the upcoming Steven Spielberg biopic. However, the beard in that photo is not the one Day-Lewis will have in the film. As producer Kathleen Kennedy told the The Playlist, "That's just what [Day Lewis] looks like right now. He wasn't in hair, makeup, wardrobe, or anything when that picture was taken. He had just gone out that evening, he was just having dinner, and someone snapped a photo of him."
Despite his non-presidential apparel, Kennedy did note that the resemblance between the actor and the late president is striking. "It's pretty remarkable when you look at that photo, and you say, 'Oh my God, he really embodies Lincoln,' because he does."

As for the actual film, Spielberg clarified what time period the movie will be covering. Those hoping for some 'Saving Private Ryan'-esque war moments will be disappointed. "We're not doing the Civil War," the director said. Kennedy added that "We're primarily basing the story out of Washington."

'Lincoln,' which stars Day Lewis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Jarred Harris, James Spader, Sally Field, John Hawkes and David Strathairn, is set for a late 2012 release.

[via Playlist]

[Photo credit: Michael Phillips/Splash News and Picture Agency]

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