You might not know the name Bert Schneider, but you certainly know his movies: 'Easy Rider,' 'The Last Picture Show,' 'Days of Heaven' and even the bananas Monkees film 'Head.' Schneider died on Monday in Los Angeles at the age of 78. He was in a state of failing health, according to his daughter.
The son of former Columbia Pictures president Abraham Schneider, Bert became a key figure in the counter-culture movement of '60s and '70s. After working on 'The Monkees' television show as a producer -- and later, an executive producer -- Schneider produced the not-very-Monkees-like-Monkees-film 'Head,' which was written by director Bob Rafelson and a then little-known actor named Jack Nicholson.

Schneider's relationship with Nicholson played a large role in his next feature films: 'Easy Rider' and 'Five Easy Pieces,' the latter of which Rafelson directed. He later produced 'The Last Picture Show' for director Peter Bogdanovich and was also responsible for Terrence Malick's second film, 'Days of Heaven.'

His 1974 documentary 'Hearts and Minds' won an Academy Award.

Schneider, who quit the business following 'Days of Heaven' was 78.

[via Deadline]

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