I received an urgent notice this morning that, because it's the end of the calendar year, it's my responsibility to write a top movies list. I find this peculiar. Why would anyone want to read a list of top movies written by me? At the end of the year? It just seems like such a specific request, I can't imagine that anyone would want to read my list of top movies. And, to be honest, I'm not trying to be smug, but there really aren't a lot of top movies out there -- especially from this year. Alas, I'm not one to ignore a direct order from a superior, so here's a list of the Five Best Top Movies. [Ed. note: We meant "Top Five Best Movies"]
'Inception' (2010)

Dom Cobb uses a top as a totem in order to differentiate between reality and the subconscious. The final scene of the movie is this top, making it the best top movie.

'My Summer Story' a.k.a. 'It Runs in the Family' (1994)

Did you know there's a sequel to 'A Christmas Story'? Different actors, but all of the same characters and everything! But instead of being about Christmas, it's about tops. This is why you've probably never heard of 'My Summer Story.'

'The Hebrew Hammer' (2003)

Long before Mordechai Carver becomes The Hebrew Hammer, he spins a dreidel. Which is a lot like a top.

Beyblade: The Movie (2004)

In this Japanese animated series' movie adaptation, the characters battle against each other using tops, which are titled Beyblades -- hence the name of the series and the movie.

Justice League Unlimited (2005)

Yes, this is a TV series, but in one episode there is a super villain named Top who can spin around like a top. And, someday, if there's ever a live-action movie based on The Flash (Top and The Flash don't like each other) and Top is included, he will automatically make the list of best top movies.

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