You might expect that Tom Hanks isn't in 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,' all that much as his character (SPOILER! ... although it's in every trailer) died on 9/11. But Sandra Bullock, who plays his widow, also has a smaller-than-expected role. On 'Today' Thursday morning, the actress explained that she opted for a supporting role as her first follow-up to her Oscar-winning turn in 'The Blind Side' because the movie was simply too good to turn down.
"It's truly this amazing story of this child's point of view of what happened in his life that was this horribly tragic event," Bullock told 'Today' host Matt Lauer. "And to see it through his eyes is far more, I think, poignant and impactful, than to see it through an adult's eyes."

Didn't she mind being relegated to supporting status? "I've already had those moments [as a leading lady], I think. I mean, there might be more, I don't know, but I don't know how many moments and opportunities like this there'll be -- with stories like this, with directors and casts like this -- It's like the rare moments in life where all the elements are there, and they all come together for some strange or bigger reason. You can't say no to that," she added.

Watch the complete interview below.

[via THR]

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