It's hard to imagine glamor-puss starlet Scarlett Johansson picking up kangaroo crap, isn't it? After all, audiences are conditioned to see her driving male co-stars wild with skin-tight leather suits and raspy whispers, not up to her knees in mud trying to keep a bunch of exotic animals happy.

So, to help audiences wrap their heads around her role as a zookeeper in 'We Bought a Zoo,' Johansson was adamant about toning down her glam image. According to her recent Vanity Fair cover story, "Johansson was so determined to avoid looking like a movie star pretending to be a zookeeper running on empty and fueled only by her devotion to her motley assortment of big cats, zebras and kangaroos that she refused to wear makeup for the film."

An actress refusing to wear makeup is a bold move -- particularly in this era of up-close HD. Naturally, though, an actress's idea of 'no makeup' probably differs quite drastically from the average person's. It may mean forgoing cherry-red lipstick and mile-long false eyelashes, while still piling on a liberal dollop of foundation, powder, blush and everything else that makes an actress with superior genes look even more superior.

There was much written about Emma Stone's "makeunder" for summer blockbuster 'The Help.' But even with frizzy hair and muted makeup, Stone still looked pretty good. Same goes for Halle Berry in 'Monster's Ball.' Sure, she wasn't as radiant and perfect as she usually looks, but she was still quite obviously above-average in the looks department.

It's great when beautiful actresses actually get downright ugly for a role. Nicole Kidman in 'The Hours' and Charlize Theron in 'Monster' are the two most obvious examples. But they're not the only ones who've ugged it up for the big screen. To help you feel superior to Hollywood goddesses, if only for a moment, we've compiled a gallery of stunning actresses who dramatically transformed their looks for a role. (And Scarlett sans lipstick is in there, too, for good measure.)

[Photo: 20th Century Fox]

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We Bought a Zoo
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Looking for a fresh start, a single father (Matt Damon) moves his family to a dilapidated zoo. Read More

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