You love Bill Hader because of Stefon and all the other amazing things he does on 'Saturday Night Live' -- Herb Welch! -- but did you know he was once Public Enemy No. 1 for a group of sorority girls hoping to enjoy a night out with 'Titanic'?
Back in 1997, Hader was working at a movie theater, and when a group of women who had rented out the theater were mean to him, the 'SNL' stalwart took action.

"A sorority group rented out the movie theater. They were rude to me so I told them the end of 'Titanic,'" Hader told Us Weekly. "I said, 'The boat sinks, Leo dies, the old lady -- that's Kate Winslet -- she has a jewel and she throws in the water at the end, so that's where that goes!'"

Needless to say, Hader was fired for his spoiling. No truth to the rumor that he later returned to the theater to ruin the ending of 'The Sixth Sense.' (Bruce Willis is dead the entire time, one person who hasn't seen 'The Sixth Sense.')

[via Us]

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