Since its release on Dec. 1, 1989, 'Christmas Vacation' has become a holiday staple -- and not just because Mavis Staples sang the now-classic title track. (Try the veal?) Starring Chevy Chase (before he was the anchor on 'Community'), Randy Quaid (before he ran away from the Star Whackers), Beverly D'Angelo (before 'Entourage') and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (before 'Seinfeld'), the film earned $71 million at the box office and -- unofficially -- received a lifetime holiday season pass from TBS. What was it like when 'Christmas Vacation' was being filmed? Thankfully, Entertainment Tonight has posted video of a long-lost set visit to 'Vacation,' which finds Chase mugging, Quaid holding onto reality with a supple grip, and D'Angelo looking as adorable as you remember. (Sorry, Ari Gold.) No talking head shots of the now-deceased William Hickey (he played Uncle Lewis), but at least you can see him onset with Chase. Watch the video ahead.

[via ET]

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
PG-13 1989
In Theaters on December 1st, 1989

The Griswolds (Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo) spend the holiday in a garish way. Read More

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