Did you hear what Bane said in 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer? No, really: did you actually hear him? Because judging from the Internet reaction -- and likely your own two ears -- Bane was about as easily understood in the new teaser as Benicio Del Toro was in 'The Usual Suspects.' (He'll flip you, for real.) Not that Christopher Nolan minds. According to sources, the unintelligible villain is all part of the Batman director's master plan.
According to THR, Warner Bros. executives are none-too-pleased that the prevailing reaction to both the 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer and double-secret-probation IMAX footage has been, "What?"

"One source working on the film says he is 'scared to death' about 'the Bane problem,'" writes THR, while adding that some within the halls of Warner Bros. want Nolan to change the mix. Unfortunately for them, the director isn't planning on doing anything more than "slightly" altering the sound.

"Chris wants the audience to catch up and participate rather than push everything at them," one "high-level executive" anonymously told THR. "He doesn't dumb things down. You've got to pedal faster to keep up."

Right! Or, maybe listen harder? Perhaps Warner Bros. should think about handing out hearing aides to people who buy tickets for 'The Dark Knight Rises' when it comes out on July 20, 2012. Just spitballing here.

[via THR/Heat Vision]

[Photo: WB]

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