Some moderately bad news for 'Lost' fans: Josh Holloway does not call anyone 'Freckles' or 'Jumbrotron' or 'Doc' in 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.' The good news? Holloway does make an appearance in the new blockbuster as -- wait for it -- Agent Hanaway. HANAWAY! How does Holloway's Hanaway factor into the mysteries of 'Ghost Protocol'? No spoilers here, but just make sure you arrive early unless you want to be in the dark for the whole film.
Check out Holloway in action in a new clip from 'Ghost Protocol' below. Out in IMAX now, 'Mission: Impossible 4' hits theaters on Wednesday.

For more on the film, check out Moviefone's interview with Brad Bird.

[Photo: Paramount]


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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
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