Barring a major upset, Christopher Plummer will win his first Academy Award in February for his performance in 'Beginners.' The 82-year-old has appeared in everything from 'The Sound of Music' to the just-released 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' but in his six decades of acting work, Plummer has only been nominated for an Oscar once before: 2009's 'The Last Station,' where he played Tolstoy. Plummer has a laid-back attitude about awards season in general -- "I don't take it seriously at all," he told Movieline -- but there was one time when he felt the politics of the Oscars might have gone a bit too far.
In an interview with Movieline, Plummer said that his performance in 'The Insider' -- where he played famed journalist Mike Wallace -- could have gotten more recognition. That it didn't, potentially had to do with another actor hogging the awards spotlight.

"Somebody came in whose performance went from Day One until the end of the movie -- they never left the camera -- and yet they call themselves a Supporting Actor," Plummer said with a laugh. "I don't understand some of those categories. Quite clearly that was a Best Actor nomination, and I think my slot was then pushed to the right and sent flying. I only have fun talking about it because I think it's hysterical, and the guy was a friend of mine."

SFX: ominous thunderclap! It's not immediately clear who Plummer is talking about, but it's unlikely that he was referring to the nominated class of '99. Jude Law ('The Talented Mr. Ripley'), Michael Clarke Duncan ('The Green Mile'), Tom Cruise ('Magnolia'), Haley Joel Osment ('The Sixth Sense') and eventual winner Michael Caine ('The Cider House Rules') all gave traditional supporting performances that year. So! Who pushed Plummer to the right and sent him flying? Perhaps a co-star in 'The Insider'? Perhaps someone that whose name rhymes with Hal Cacino? Maybe! Or, maybe not! Speculate away in the comments below.

[via Movieline]

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