As I type this, it's Hanukkah. On Sunday, it's Christmas. I'm sure there are many more wonderful holidays, too, that I'm too lazy to look up. But, if I missed one, happy that too. We at Moviefone will still be around over the next few days in case some sort of Earth-shattering movie news happens (which we can only assume will be George Lucas making us mad about something or other), but, at least until Tuesday, it will be a lighter schedule than normal -- but we do have a few surprises!
But, hey, thanks for all of your support this year! And we look forward to your support next year, too. (And we will need it because we certainly can't sit through a sequel to 'Ghost Rider' all by ourselves.) So, since we probably won't get a chance later to wish you a happy holiday: Happy Holidays!

Also, as a present, here are Hall & Oates singing 'Jingle Bell Rock.' (The Oates version, to be specific.)

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