Movie fans had much to be happy about in 2011. Mega-stars like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock all had at least one major release. The final 'Harry Potter' installment debuted -- and didn't disappoint. And most importantly, 'The Muppets' returned to the big screen for the first time in 12 years!

Canadian movie aficionados -- and fans of Canadian movie stars -- also had a lot to appreciate in 2011. Our fair country produced a wide collection of great flicks this year, ranging from heart-wrenching ('Take This Waltz') to, well, gut-spilling ('Hobo With a Shotgun'). Ah, diversity.
To top it all off, our homegrown roster of mega-stars made us proud on the international stage, whether they were behind the cameras (David Cronenberg and Jason Reitman) or working their magic in front of them (sweet, sweet Ryan Gosling; sweet, sweet Ryan Reynolds).


[Top Photo: Alliance Films]

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Hobo With a Shotgun
Not Yet Rated2011
Based on 22 critics

A homeless vigilante (Rutger Hauer) takes aim at a crime boss and his sadistic sons. Read More

Take This Waltz
Based on 34 critics

A young woman is torn between the husband that she loves and a new man, whom she's unable to ignore. Read More