Making a list of anticipated 2012 movies is a popular thing to do this week. (You can check out Moviefone's current team coverage here.) In fact, I was going to make one as well, because (A) lists are fun and (B) looking forward to something increases my will to live. At least, I thought that it increased my will to live. That is until I looked at the list of movies I was anticipating this time last year. As it turns out, I had a very bad year.
Honestly, this list I made over at Movieline last year makes me laugh. I just picture my 2010 self, sitting at his computer with a big grin on his face, thinking about all the wonderment that would await him in the coming year. Boy, the 2010 me sure didn't know what was about to hit him. So instead of looking forward to next year (because apparently I'm really bad at that), let's take a look at my list -- with excerpts -- of the movies that I was looking forward to in 2011. (Yes, this is 100 percent real.)

1.) 'Cowboys and Aliens'

2010 me: "I've just been waiting for Harrison Ford to make anything that halfway resembles a good movie, something 'Cowboys & Aliens' potentially resembles."
2011 me: Still waiting!

2.) 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'

2010 me: "Honestly, Downey playing this quirky version of Holmes, for me, trumps anything that he ever did in the role of Tony Stark."
2011 me:I really wrote that sentence. To be fair, before I saw the sequel that took the attitude, "The more guns and explosions, the better," I truly believed that. Anyway, zero for two.

3.)'Captain America: The First Avenger'

2010 me: "This could be awful. Then again, everything has the chance of being awful, so why not look forward to it?"
2011 me: Hey, fair point, 2010 me. And, you know, this turned out ... fine, I suppose.

4.) 'Battle: Los Angeles'

2010 me: "I do believe director Jonathan Liebesman cares about delivering a good product. Really cares."
2011 me: Yeah, he may care, but he didn't deliver a good product. See, if I made a list like this for 2012, I'm sure 'Battleship' would be somehow included and then, next year, I'd have to lament over my choice again. It's a vicious cycle, really. Good God, what was I thinking here? I really included this. Well, it can't get any worse, right? Oh, yes, it can:

5.) 'The Hangover Part II'

2010 me: "The question headed into part two is this: Can Todd Phillips catch lightning in a bottle twice?"
2011 me: Before I presented that question, I had no idea that Phillips would use the exact same lightning bolt and the exact same bottle.

6.) 'Green Lantern'

2010 me: "I'm excited to see Hal Jordan on the big screen, even though it will probably be awful."
2011 me: Good grief! 'Green Lantern'? At least I had a feeling it would be awful. But, still...

7.) 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II'

2010 me: "I sat through seven Harry Potter movies over the course of 36 hours. I need to finish this."
2011 me: This is true, I did. Like the 'Twilight' marathon live blog I did here at Moviefone, I watched all the Harry Potter films last year for Movieline (if you click through, please ignore the byline wonkiness). And, you know what, I was rewarded with a good movie! Finally! Apparently even I can't jinx the Harry Potter franchise.

8.) 'The Beaver'

2010 me: "I just have to know."
2011 me: And now I do.

So, yes, I refuse to anticipate any movie coming up in 2012. Not 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Not 'The Avengers.' Not 'The Hobbit.' Why? I do it for society. Because if I did publicly anticipate any of these films, apparently they would be destined for badness. So, you're welcome.

Mike Ryan is the senior writer for Moviefone. He has written for Wired Magazine,,, New York Magazine and Movieline. He likes Star Wars a lot. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter

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