If Garry Marshall's star-packed disaster 'New Year's Eve' proved anything, it's that (like in life) the perfect New Year's Eve is hard to get right. Moviefone has thrown out some of holiday's worst on-screen moments and now, as the world readies itself for the big 20-12, let's take a moment to celebrate the best: 'When Harry Met Sally.'
Twenty-three years after its initial release, the Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan-led romcom has not only taken its rightful place among the genre's classics but also kept its title as the reigning champ of NYE films. So here's a toast to you, 'WHMS'!

You can watch the finale of 'When Harry Met Sally' below, but in the meantime, let's look at 21 reasons why it's the most perfect New Year's Eve moment ever put to film.

1. Harry walks through the hilariously empty streets of Manhattan on New Year's Eve. Of course.
2. Memory montage!
3. White man's overbite.
4. Meg Ryan's shoulder pads brought to you by Melanie Griffith in 'Working Girl'
5. Frank Sinatra's "It Had to Be You" wafts in and Harry's off. Hearts swell.
6. Sally looks beautiful.
7. She has a perm...
8. ...and a pouffy blue party dress.
9. "The thought of not kissing someone is just..."
10. "I'll kiss ya"
11. Oh, Bruno Kirby.
12. Harry can't find a cab. (Plus one for realism!)
13. He gets to the party and even in the sea of people, he spots Sally immediately (Minus one!)
14. Sally puts on her "composed" face.
15. She's all glittery.
16. Harry starts off his speech saying, "I've been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is, I love you," which is the best beginning to the most romantic speech ever maybe?
17. Happy New Year!
18. Still talking.
19. The kiss!
20. (You're crying.)
21. Auld Lang Syne doesn't make much sense, does it?

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