Happy New Year! While you rub that hangover out of your eyes, Moviefone has one final bit of 2011 to discuss (until the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Oscars, natch): what was the last movie you watched in 2011?
For yours truly, it was 'Role Models.' The David Wain-directed comedy aired on FX during the afternoon on New Year's Eve, and was just as funny as you remember -- even without the swear words. A seemingly bizarre mix -- "Sure, Paul Rudd and Stifler will work as a comedy team," said someone -- 'Role Models' is uproarious and sweet. If you don't like the ending, when Rudd sings "Beth" to Elizabeth Banks and her whispering eye, you're made of stone.

Anyway! What was the last movie you saw in 2011? Something in theaters? Something at home? Something on your phone? Let us know!

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