Michael Caine is an integral part of Christopher Nolan's Batman films as fatherly butler Alfred, but the Oscar-winning actor says -- gasp! -- that those movies aren't really all that interesting to make. On a set visit to his new film, 'Mr. Morgan's Last Love,' Caine told THR, "Batman has very good actors in it, but it's all about the special effects. A film like this is about the people. It's more interesting as an actor."
That's a markedly different attitude than, say, Gary Oldman, who happily chatted up the series to Moviefone, even while promoting the more actor-driven 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.'

One of the advantages Caine's new film has over working with Nolan, apparently, is a trip to Paris, where the film is being made. (Those Paris-set scenes in 'Inception?' Actually filmed in a studio.) "Choosing films is like real estate. It's all about location, location, location. I've filmed in Paris, but I've never done a movie that took place in Paris entirely," the actor said.

His new film is based on the French novel 'La Douceur Assassine,' by Françoise Dorner's novel but was adapted with Caine in mind.

"I wrote the second script entirely for him," said writer/director Sandra Nettelback. "I said If he turns me down, I'm really screwed. I couldn't stop seeing him in my mind when I was writing the script... It's a match made in heaven to see Michael Caine playing Matt."

The film, about a widower living in Paris, co-stars Clemence Poesy of the 'Harry Potter' films, Gillian Anderson and Jane Alexander, as Caine's late wife.

[via THR]

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