Because everything in Hollywood needs a sequel, it goes to reason that Universal is hot to release a second chapter of 'Bridesmaids.' After all, the summer comedy smash not only grossed $288 million worldwide, but has also been on the receiving end of much Oscar buzz during awards season. Unfortunately for the studio, star Kristen Wiig doesn't appear as interested in continuing the story.
"We aren't working on that," Wiig told The Hollywood Reporter. "Annie [Mumolo, Wiig's co-writer] and I aren't planning a sequel. We are writing something else."

That reticence on Wiig's part has led some at Universal to consider moving forward with another 'Bridemaids' without its Golden Globe-nominated star.

"We are over the moon with the success of Bridesmaids, and if we do a sequel we want to get it right," a Universal source told THR. "We are talking to filmmakers now about concepts, and if the right one emerges, we'll move forward." One idea floated apparently centers on Melissa McCarthy's scene-stealing character from the first film.

Of course whether producer Judd Apatow would actually make a sequel without Wiig remains to be seen. Apatow was quoted as saying he would only want to make a 'Bridesmaids 2' if it was as good or better than the first; director Paul Feig made similar comments when asked about a sequel back in August. "I'd be very open to it," he told Movieline. "It would just have to be as good or better than this one. What you don't want to do is the one that ruins the memory of the first one."

A Wiig-less 'Bridesmaids' might qualify as ruination. Hopefully, this potential sequel goes the way of 'Anchorman 2,' 'Wedding Crashers 2' and every other hit comedy that didn't get an ill-advised part two: it gets left at the altar.

[via THR]

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