Straighten your tie: it's Diane Keaton's 66th birthday! 2011 was, you know a ... like, I mean, really big -- big doesn't even do it justice -- huge year for the actress. Her memoir, 'Then Again' was released, which relies on her mother's journals and details her neat life, lauded career and famous romances.
So, when love is too weak a word to describe our affection -- we lurve her, you know, we loave her, we luff her (two Fs) -- we thought it would be nice to celebrate Keaton's big day with the moment when we first fell in love with her: 'Annie Hall.'

Woody Allen's 1977 film was Keaton's fourth major screen role. It not only nabbed her the Oscar for Best Actress, but she also stole hearts playing the titular la-di-da-whistling Annie. (And she's been cornering the adorable hat-wearing market ever since.)

Below is a clip of Alvy and Annie's first encounter (click here to watch the full scene). Take a look at 16 reasons why it's the most perfect on-screen meeting ever. Seems like old times, indeed.

1. She plays tennis with her collar popped. And it looks good.
2. Banging legs.
3. Woody's tube socks.
4. Yes, she's terrible; but she's so cute!
5. The outfit, obviously.
6. She awkwardly backs away.
7. (Woody looks kind of good, right?)
9. "Oh, god. What a...what a dumb thing to say...Oh, well. La di-da, la di-de, la la...yeah."
10. And insecure.
11. Woody is surprisingly cool.
12. Annie laughs to herself and calls herself a jerk. (If she weren't so adorable, she'd sort of be crazy.)
13. She makes raspberry with her mouth.
14. "I got this VW out there..."
15. Woody accidentally pokes her between the legs with his tennis racket. And he giggles.
16. "What the hell. I mean, it'd be nice to have some company, you know? I mean, I hate driving alone." (Nice save, Annie!)

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