Frat boy anthem and beer-chugging track 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,' by Def Leppard, is considered one of the seminal songs of the hair-metal era -- at least according to Tom Cruise. In an interview with NoiseCreep, Leppard guitarist Phil Collen recounted his visit to the set of Cruise's upcoming film, 'Rock of Ages,' in which the 'Mission: Impossible' star plays rock star Stacee Jaxx, lead singer of the '80s band Arsenal. Collen and his bandmates were invited to see Cruise film a scene where he sings 'Pour Some Sugar on Me.' After Tom sang the song in his own voice -- which impressed the band -- he took the time to give Def Leppard some praise.
"I was really pleased with how down-to-earth Tom was," said Collen. "He was very humble and actually told us how he thought 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' was an absolute classic. He said it deserved all of the respect and attention he can give it. So we were definitely honored."

No matter what your opinion is of 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,' watching Tom Cruise sing it will hopefully bring a smile to even the song's biggest detractors. But you'll have to wait until June 1, when 'Rock of Ages' hits theaters, to finally hear it.

[via NoiseCreep]

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