Less than 24 hours after news broke of a bizarre incident involving director David O. Russell and his transgender nephew Nicholas Peloquin, the Broward Sheriff's Office in Florida has decided to end its investigation.
"We are pleased that the authorities have looked into this matter and have confirmed that the investigation has been concluded and the case has been closed," Russell's representatives said in a statement to Moviefone, which was then confirmed by Jim Leljedal, the Director Of Media Relations for the Broward Sherriff's Office.

Said Leljedal when asked if the process was complete: "We took a report and we're done."

That report, which was released to the Internet via The Smoking Gun, highlighted an alleged incident between Russell and Peloquin, his 19-year-old pre-op transgender nephew. Peloquin, the son of Russell's adoptive sister, claimed that the Oscar-nominated director inappropriately touched his breasts during a workout in the gym at the Embassy Suites in Deerfield Beach, Florida last week.

Russell was firm about his innocence, both to the police and in a statement -- through his representative -- to Moviefone earlier on Friday. "David Russell emphatically denies any wrongdoing and has cooperated fully with authorities."

The director, responsible for 'Three Kings,' 'I Heart Huckabees' and 'The Fighter,' is currently working on 'The Silver Linings Playbook.' That film, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, is out in theaters this November.

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