The 'Haywire' trailer lit up the blogosphere last year for that girl-on-boy brawl between MMA fighter-turned-leading lady Gina Carano and 2011 breakout Michael Fassbender. In a twist, the Steven Soderbergh-directed film seemed to toss away all John Wayne-y movie expectations: the no-name actress -- spoiler! -- appears to kill off the movie star.
When it comes to directing, Soderbergh may be taking cues from William Faulkner (any English majors out there?): he's unafraid to kill off his darlings.

"It's always good to kill movie stars," he told The Independent. Gasp-worthy as it may seem when it occurs -- whether it's Leonardo DiCaprio *spoiler alert!* dying in 'Titanic' or 'Romeo + Juliet' or 'The Departed,' (jeez, he does die a lot, doesn't he?) -- Soderbergh tips a hat to an iconic director who first killed off his star.

"I think that the two most important things that have happened to that aspect of movies in the last 50 years are Hitchcock killing off Janet Leigh in a way that nobody had ever dreamed of doing -- taking his heroine and killing her off after 40 minutes," Soderbergh said, before adding that the casting of Dustin Hoffman in 'The Graduate' was significant as well because of the way it changed movie-star expectations.

In his own films, Soderbergh likes his A-listers to kind of chip away at the veneer of stardom. Most recently in his bird-flu apocalypse 'Contagion,' British heartthrob Jude Law dreamed up detail that his character would have a fake tooth. "It was shocking how much it changed his expression – he went from being Jude Law to being Jude Law's brother who's never going to become a movie star unless he gets his tooth fixed."

The rest of the 'Contagion' cast is hip to Soderbergh's "movie star" fascination too. More Spoilers! He recalls that while shooting Kate Winslet's death scene she played with the notion of celebrity vanity.

"When we were shooting this scene when she was dead, shooting her close-up with a bag over her head, just as we're getting ready to roll she looks over and says, 'do I look thin?'"

Oh, Kate; you crazy for this one!

[via The Independent]

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