Because things worked out so well the last time Tim Burton adapted a famous fairly tale with 'Alice in Wonderland,' Warner Bros. wants the director to turn the trick again with 'Pinocchio.' Only this time, instead of Johnny Depp, the studio is eager for fellow A-lister Robert Downey Jr. to join the fun.
No deals are signed, obviously, but Burton is reportedly "keen" to make this a future project, and he wants Downey to star as Geppetto. In this iteration of the classic story, Geppetto will "embark on a quest to reunite with his missing marionette." (Asking why it isn't called 'Geppetto' is certainly a valid query.)

The last time Burton made a fairytale, the aforementioned 'Alice in Wonderland,' the box-office grosses were astounding. The 2010 release earned a ridiculous $334 million in the U.S. and another $690 million overseas. Pairing another Burton fairytale adaptation together with Downey -- who has starred in the 'Sherlock Holmes' movies for Warner Bros. to great success -- seems like a license to print money.

Of course, whether deals can be reached with Burton and Downey remains to be seen. Though, if Downey -- the star of the upcoming 'Avengers,' plus 'Iron Man 3' -- can't star as Geppetto, here's guessing Depp would be more than happy to step into his place.

[via THR/Heat Vision]

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