The "Andy Serkis for Oscar"-campaign continues with...Andy Serkis. James Franco recently posted an open letter on Deadline, where the actor threw his full support behind his "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" co-star. "What is needed is recognition for [Serkis], now. Not later when this kind of acting is de riguer, but now, when he has elevated this fresh mode of acting into an art form," he wrote.
In an interview with Movieline, Serkis said he was "thrilled" by the recognition from Franco, adding that's it's nice to get the support of a star who isn't biased toward performance capture (which Serkis did for his role as Caesar in "Apes")
"I thought it was extraordinarily bold and honest, and quite frankly I was thrilled that James had written it. It just goes to show that an actor who is in pursuit of creating drama isn't prejudiced against live-action or performance capture or any method of performing ... He sees it as one thing ... Sometimes for me it's very difficult because sometimes it sounds like I'm tub-thumping, like I'm the sort of the spokesperson for performance capture, and to have another actor lend their voice in such an articulate way means a lot"
In addition to "Apes," Serkis is best known for playing Gollum in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, a role that also required performance capture. Andy made sure to take some time to explain that what he's doing is real acting, and not something created from a computer.
"In the 11 years that I've been involved in it, I've never drawn any distinction in the acting process between live-action acting and performance capture acting. In fact, performance capture acting is merely a misnomer; 'performance capture' is more of a technology, it's a set of cameras that record an actor's performance in a slightly different way to a 35mm camera or a digital camera recording a live action actor's performance. But in terms of the actor process -- getting into character, working on a scene with the director, engaging with other actors and finding the drama within a scene -- on day to day basis on set, it's exactly the same."
You hear that Hollywood, Academy voters, et. al? It's time to get on the #ConsiderCaesar bandwagon now! You can read the entire interview with Serkis, where he discusses the prospect of winning an Oscar, over on Movieline.

[via Movieline]

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