Producer Scott Rudin has a reputation of being one of Hollywood's great curmudgeons, a title he more or less lives up to in a recent interview with Deadline.

That's not to say Rudin is completely cranky during the Q&A, where he discusses everything from "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" to "The Social Network" to the semi-feud with New Yorker film critic David Denby. However, the highlight is his backhanded compliment toward "The King's Speech," a film that beat out "The Social Network" (which Rudin produced) for Best Picture at last year's Oscars.

"I think that 'King's Speech' is such a less complex film to vote for. I think it's really good and has achievement in every category," Rudin told Deadline. "'The Social Network' was probably one of the two or three things I've done in my life that I'm most proud of. I'm not going to engage in what about it was disappointing. There's nothing about it I was disappointed in."

Rudin had plenty of other nice things to say about his own movies, including David Fincher's "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and its star Rooney Mara. When asked aout the last time he saw a female action hero as indelible as Mara's Lisbeth Salander, Rudin responded with, "Oh, my God. I mean, Ripley [Sigourney Weaver's character from the Alien series]. That's the only one."

As for that little tiff he had with movie critic David Denby, Rudin is standing by his original response (Denby ended up running his review for "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" a week before he was supposed to, thereby breaking the film's embargo).

"Keep your word or don't come to the movie. It's totally fine to say I'm not going to honor a review embargo, but you have to give me and the studio the right to say, don't come see it. You don't put in writing a commitment not to review until a certain date and then review it anyway because you don't want to write about other movies that you don't think are serious enough for you. It's incredibly disingenuous."

The entire interview is a fascinating read, particularly if you're a fan of "Moneyball," "Tattoo," "The Social Network" or "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," all movies that Rudin produced. You can check it out over on Deadline.

[via Deadline]
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