Gina Carano is the star of "Haywire," but she's not among the stars of "Haywire." That list includes a murderer's row of acting talent: Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum and Ewan McGregor.

In this new clip from "Haywire," Douglas (as a government worker) and McGregor (as a freelance contractor) discuss whether or not Carano's Mallory Kane can do the Barcelona job. Spoiler: she can, because she's the best.

Watch the clip above, and check out "Haywire" in theaters on Friday. For more on the great new film from director Steven Soderbergh, click here.

R 2010
Based on 40 critics

A specialist (Gina Carano) in covert operations fights back after someone betrays her. Read More

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