If the great red-band trailer for "21 Jump Street" doesn't have you excited for the upcoming action comedy, perhaps this new clip will set things in motion. After all, Jonah Hill gets stabbed, and it's awesome.

Based on the '80s television series that made Johnny Depp famous, "21 Jump Street" stars Hill and Channing Tatum (his 2012 breakout in full swing) as two bumbling cops who go back to high school as part of the Jump Street initiative and hope to bring down a drug dealer. Crazy antics ensue, including one house party gone too far.

You can catch a glimpse of that madness above, but be forewarned: it'll probably only make you wish "Jump Street" was here already. It arrives in theaters on March 16.
21 Jump Street
R 2012
Based on 41 critics

Two cops working under cover at a high school must confront their teenage issues all over again. Read More

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