It was about time someone put Ryan Gosling's adorable mug on a mug, wouldn't you say?

Canadian fast-food/coffee chain Tim Hortons took the initiative and made a mug with Ryan Gosling's face (inspired by his recent movie "Gangster Squad").

In a recent interview with, the 32-year-old Canadian actor expressed interest in having the Tim's mug created. Apparently, his wish is their command.

After the interviewer suggested a Tim Hortons mug, the actor asked, "Can we get a Tim's mug for 'Gangster Squad,' please?"

The official Tim Hortons Twitter account replied with this tweet: "Hey Tribute, you inspired us to create this one-of-a-kind Tim Hortons mug," the tweet read. "We hope you like it!"

Unfortunately, the public won't be able to purchase the mug -- so there won't be a gorgeous Gosling to greet you in the morning in your kitchen.

ryan gosling mug

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