has been killing it since Adam McKay's toddler Pearl played a foul-mouthed, drunken landlord who berates Will Ferrell, but the site's newest creation might be the one that trumps them all.

One of the "funniest" scenes of "American Psycho" is when psychotic yuppie Patrick Bateman lectures his victim on the joys of Huey Lewis and the News. In one scene, Bateman, played by Christian Bale with a hollow-eyed glee, prepares to take an axe to Jared Leto's head.

In this video, Huey Lewis is dressed to the nines in a suit that Bateman would surely approve of as he lectures his drunken dinner guest, Weird Al Yankovic, about the genius of "American Psycho." After Huey dons a sensible raincoat, he pops a pill from a bottle labeled "New Drug" and gets ready to bury an axe in Weird Al's head. It appears Weird Al's Huey Lewis and the News spoof "I Want a New Duck" has pushed Huey over the edge.

Although not everyone would agree that "American Psycho" is "an undisputed masterpiece," someone should check on Bret Easton Ellis' Twitter to see what he thinks.

[via Funny or Die h/t TheWrap]
American Psycho
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May 26, 2016
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