As far as legends of the musical theater world go, Andrew Lloyd Webber is as close to kinghood as you can get. The composer and songwriter, who created such ceaselessly long-running productions as "Phantom of the Opera," "Jesus Chris Superstar," and "Cats," said in a recent interview that he has acquired the rights to an altogether different kind of production: a stage musical version of 2003 Jack Black comedy "School of Rock."

In a conversation with CBC about his career, excerpted by Broadway World, Webber admits that he recently got the rights to "School of Rock" and, what's more, he might be writing new songs to go along with the preexisting ones that were referenced in the movie.

Directed by Richard Linklater, "School of Rock" starred Jack Black as a slacker who goofs his way into becoming a substitute teacher at a stuffy private school. However, what Black's character really wants to do is rock, as he begins to teach his students about rock n' roll as a way of expression and a means of inspiring confidence.

A timetable hasn't been given for the "School of Rock" musical, but hopefully it's more along the lines of "Phantom of the Opera" than "Starlight Express."

[via CBC b/w Broadway World]
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