Rachel McAdams used to be the cool best friend of women everywhere, and we're hoping that the trailer for "About Time" will remind everyone of her rightful place in our hearts. It's quite appropriate that the movie that will help her achieve this is written and directed by Richard Curtis, the fellow behind of the most beloved modern romcoms, "Love Actually."

Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim, a regular, awkward dude who inherits the rare talent of time travel when he turns 21. As his dad explains, it's passed down through the men in their family. (The fabulous Bill Nighy, who was also in "Love Actually," plays his pops.) This gives him the ability to both rectify events from his past and complicate his future. Naturally, he meets an adorable woman named Mary (McAdams!) and things get super wonky because, hello, the butterfly effect!

Gleeson's character definitely has the floppy-haired awkward Hugh Grant thing happening, and, naturally, McAdams looks charming as all heck. We'll laugh, we'll cry, it will be better than "Cats"! And less depressing than McAdams's earlier foray into romantic time travel, "The Time Traveler's Wife."

"About Time" will open in limited release November 1, and then go wide November 8.
About Time - Trailer No.1
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