Cue the Boyz II Men, 'cause our days with the Wolf Pack are almost over.

First, let's remember the good times with Phil, Stu, Alan, Doug, and all the other miscreants they ran into. This video, narrated by Zach Galifianakis, is like a balm to soothe our wounds. Remember that time with the tiger? How about the smoking monkey? What about when Mr. Chow jumped out of the car trunk naked? Inappropriate baby jokes! Mike Tyson being himself!

Of course, "The Hangover Part III" ups the ante even more -- angry chickens, an exotic animal (this time a giraffe), Tijuana, probably some dead bodies, and lots of jokes about wieners. What more could you ask for?

Put on your headphones if you're at work -- or turn the computer speakers down real low if your mom is home -- and enjoy.

"Hangover 3" hits theaters May 23.
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