Not only are Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson one of the best comedic duos around, they also shed bits of enlightenment in their inappropriate and ridiculous humor.

With Vaughn's raunchy, adrenaline-fueled behavior and Wilson's relaxed, sentimental reasoning, we get the perfect combo of laughs and insight. The two probably taught us the most in their 2005 film "Wedding Crashers," which can also be watched as a how-to guide for the wrong way to behave.

Yet, regardless of good lessons or bad, Vaughn and Owen have hilariously humiliated themselves on the big screen for years and are finally reuniting in "The Internship," which will undoubtedly offer plentiful rounds of wisdom.

Take a look at their funniest moments and the lessons we took from them.

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Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson on The Internship
The Internship
PG-13 2013
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