Hugh Jackman slipped out of his claws and into a suit for the premiere of "The Wolverine" on July 16 in London.

Logan's alter ego looked every bit the movie star, waving to fans and arriving in a white Audi, but he kept the Wolverine vibe going with his scruffy, masculine beard. Jackman was joined by his co-stars Famke Janssen (aka Jean Grey) and Will Yun Lee.

This latest addition to the "X-Men" universe is a sequel to 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which gave us a closer look at how our favorite mutant got his start. "The Wolverine" takes Logan to Japan, where he fights ninjas and possibly discovers a way to rid himself of immortality.

Check out photos of the premiere below. "The Wolverine" tears into theaters July 26.

'The Wolverine' Preview
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