Jennifer Aniston at the European Premiere of 'We're The Millers' in London on August 14, 2013Timothy Whitby/Getty

Bumbling BBC reporter Chris Stark has struck again, this time catching Jennifer Aniston off-guard during a promotional interview for her new movie "We're the Millers."

Stark -- who had a similar run-in with Mila Kunis back in March -- sits down with Aniston and immediately reveals that he's wearing a ton of makeup (his bosses made him put it on, he says), and admits that he feels "like a pig in a wig." Aniston, looking extremely perplexed and fairly bemused, handles the admission with aplomb, and the interview is off and running.

Perhaps "interview" is a bit misleading, though. Stark spends most of the clip just talking at Aniston, telling the star stories about eating steak in a Prague strip club and inquiring about her co-star Will Poulter's nude scene. At one point he tells her that she's on many attached guys' fantasy lists of people they'd be allowed to sleep with if the opportunity were to arise.

"I just was wondering how it worked with famouses, like yourself," Stark inquires. "Like, do you have a list of normal people that you fancy?"

The entire exchange is pretty entertaining, though we're wondering if maybe Stark is in on the joke now and just trying to be as awkward as possible for the continued Internet fame. Either way, he's got a fan in Aniston: She tells him he reminds her of Ryan Gosling, which is one of the greatest compliments a guy can receive.

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