transcendence teaserWarner Bros.

The machines are not taking over if Kate Mara gets her way.

A third teaser for "Transcendence" hit the internet today. The first one featured Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, a scientist working on creating a sentient machine. In the second one, Morgan Freeman warned of the danger of machines out-evolving humans.

In the newest teaser, Mara takes that warning and turns it up into a threat.

"Once they're able to think for themselves, they'll use this power to destroy us -- unless we fight back," she says. With a group called Rift, she plans to eliminate the scientists working on artificial intelligence.

The tantalizing teasers are part of a clever viral marketing campaign for the directorial debut of "Dark Knight" cinematographer Wally Pfister. We're not quite sure what the movie is about, but we're intrigued!
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