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Horror movies have done a good job over the years of transforming ordinary household objects like television sets and telephones into harbingers of doom. Now, here comes "Oculus" to ruin mirrors for us.

The new fright flick tells the tale of the titular antique mirror, which is the suspected source of some dark forces that led to the death of Kaylie's (Karen Gillan) parents many years ago. Her brother, Tim, was convicted of their murder, but Kaylie has always believed he was innocent. Upon Tim's release from prison, the pair track the mirror down to uncover the truth; instead, they unleash a world of horrors from their past.

Not much of that plot is explained in the teaser trailer, though, the bulk of which focuses on the mirror hanging in a musty attic, covered by a billowing sheet. As the sheet gradually unfolds, the mirror's face is revealed -- and it promptly begins dripping (extremely fake-looking) blood.

Though it sounds pretty ridiculous, "Oculus" boasts some impressive credits (producer Jason Blum also produced horror hits "Paranormal Activity" and "Insidious"), and at least has an original premise.

We'll see how it all comes together when "Oculus" opens April 11.
R 2013
Based on 28 critics

Siblings try to destroy the malevolent mirror that killed their parents many years earlier. Read More

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