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It seems like it was just last month that "Ride Along" was speeding into our hearts and the top slot at the box office, and now we're already talking about a sequel! Oh, wait. It was last month! That was quick.

Stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are nearly done deals, Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi are hammering out a script, and production is slated for the end of June or beginning of July. Whew! "Ride Along 2" will reportedly have more action and "will be more multi-cultural to expand the demos," according to Deadline.

Well, studios know a sure thing when they see it, and if anyone is a sure thing these days, it's Kevin Hart. For an interesting look at Hart's career trajectory, check out Grantland's feature on the stand-up comedian. In addition to this quick turnaround for "Ride Along 2," he's also got "About Last Night" in theaters now, with Regina Hall, Michael Ealy, and Joy Bryant, and the ensemble comedy "How To Think Like a Man Too" coming up in June. Hart is co-starring in "The Wedding Ringer" with Josh Gad, which is slated for next January, and he's also attached to "Get Hard" with Will Ferrell. And he's got a role in Chris Rock's upcoming film "Finally Famous," which doesn't have a release date yet.

How will all these studios space Hart's movies out? Aren't they worried about too much of a good thing? When does Kevin Hart sleep? Should we be worried?
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